Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Fragrance By Me and personalizing your fragrance. If you have any other question in mind please contact us!

Q: What is Fragrance By Me and how it works?

A: Fragrance By Me offers you a new way of discovering and experiencing world of fine fragrances. With Fragrance By Me, you can personalize a scent that truly represents you, and discover a fragrance that will suit you like a second skin. You will be able to choose and name your perfume bottle and fill it with a beautiful, personalized long lasting fragrance that will stand out from the mass market perfumes.

Q: How do I know if I will like my personalized perfume?

A: Our proprietary technology for fragrance personalization has been tested and tried with thousands of people. Also, in order for you to understand better how the perfume will smell like, we will compare your perfume with 2 known perfumes that have similar odour to your perfume. We are confident you will love your fragrance, and that’s why we are offering a 100% money back guarantee! If for any reason, any time you are not happy with your perfume; you can return it, no questions asked.

Q: I have a few favorite perfumes. Can I have something similar to those?

A: When you personalize your perfume, we will ask you your current favorite perfumes. This helps us to understand what scents you already like. When you give us the names of your favorite fragrances, we will suggest you a blend that combines the best facets of the scents you already love - you will have perfume that resembles your all time favorites but has a personal twist.

Q: Can I order more of the same perfume?

A: Yes! Just save your order confirmation email, and we will be able to deliver you the same perfume. After all, we are confident that once you find your perfect signature scent, you will come back for more.

Q: What’s the quality of the product? Where is the perfume made?

A: We only use the highest quality ingredients in all of the steps of our production. The fragrances are packaged in luxurious Italian glass flacons, and the scents are manufactured with the best perfume professionals in France.

Q: Can I personalize a perfume for someone else as a gift?

A: Yes! Personalized perfume makes an amazing gift. You can make a really special perfume for someone you love by writing their name, or a special message on the bottle. To personalize a perfect for her, it would be best that you would have the name of the perfume she currently uses: this way we will choose a blend that matches her preferences seamlessly.

Q: How much will my personalized perfume cost?

A: Depending on the bottle you chose, your personalized perfume costs $78.90 - $98.90USD. You will get your personalized perfume bottle packed in a beautiful gift box labeled for you, and delivered to your address in 20 business days.